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  If Dr. McAbee, DMD, ever tells you she's going to do something, don't doubt her. Karen, is a graduate of the University of South Carolina, and the mother of three. Like many others, Karen also has a child with autism and has been a lifelong advocate and champion. She has a daughter following in her footsteps, attending the University of South Carolina while her oldest daughter has an amazing knack to make a person believe they are capable of accomplishing anything. Karen is a huge supporter of the Special Olympics. Karen brings to the table a passion and honesty to keep everything "real". She has a unique talent of thinking outside of the box and helping us see new and unique opportunities that we might otherwise miss. Karen has a kindness and compassion towards her patients that naturally carries over into her personal life. However, she will also be the first person to hold you accountable when she feels that something is not right or just, and for this, she will always have our deepest regard and respect.  Karen is a huge asset to Sage Kids and definitely a wise choice as the Chair to our Board of Directors. You can reach Karen at

Vice Chair


Marta Fish grew up the oldest of two children born to Italian immigrants. Accustomed to being the eldest child and first generation born in the U.S. she became very responsible and mature at an early age. On her 16th birthday she started working at honeymoon resorts in the Pocono Mountains of PA, known for their forested peaks, lakes and valleys. Thus her love of hospitality developed from living in an area rich in the industry. she pursued a B.S. degree in Hotel & Resort Management, from East Stroudsburg University, and has worked in many different capacities in the field including a luxury spa and restaurants. 

She is happily married to her husband, Ron, for 27 years, who's also been in the hospitality industry all his life. They have two beautiful rescue Doberman Pinscher fur kids, Drake and Nena, that they absolutely love and who keep them pretty busy.

Marta enjoys listening to music, going to the beach, cooking, and reading a good book when she's not working at a local golf course.  She loves the southern hospitality of Charleston and all that the area has to offer.   Marta can be contacted at 

Secretary and Treasurer


  Michelle Sherwood is the mother of five. Her oldest son is 19 and has autism. They are at a new stage in his development as he is now an adult and graduated high school. It took several months to help him acquire a job and finding a business that was willing to focus on what he could do, and not what he couldn't. This was a challenge and often he became discouraged, but they refused to give up. In the end a company took the time to find out who her son was and gave him a chance and now he has a job that gives him purpose! 

Michelle worked closely with her community for more than a decade to raise awareness for special needs children and helping others as a Guardian Ad Litem, public school parent advocate, event coordinator, fundraising coordinator for multiple organizations, as well as pitched in where ever she was needed.

Her passion is finding money for a cause that she believes in and watching it grow. She believes anything is possible, you just have to be willing to knock on a lot of doors sometimes. During her time as a GAL and attending multiple IEP meetings as a special needs parent, Michelle gained an extensive background at record keeping and attention to detail. She was the ideal candidate as Secretary and Treasurer.

In her spare time, with five children that would be approximately 3.5 minutes, she does mandala art, redoes free furniture and makes it look amazing, and makes miniatures and gnome cottages and pots. Michelle may be reached at

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Member at Large


Meet Ruth McGarrah. She grew up as a pastor's daughter having values and integrity instilled in her every step of the way from a very loving family. She moved all over the south meeting new people and making lifelong friendships.  Her family settled in a very small town where she met and married her high school sweetheart and they settled in Charleston with their two sons.

Ruth spent several years working in accounting and has since continued to work as a private assistant/coordinator for several personal individuals and comes with the highest of recommendations. When her children were born, she and her husband chose to homeschool them, and they have never regretted making that decision. One son has gone on to college and the other is graduating from high school this year. 

Ruth is a beautiful balance to the Sage Kids Board. She is meticulous with a strong attention to detail and making sure all of the boxes are checked, she is also excellent at coming up with new and imaginative ideas. Her mannerisms are gracious. She is no pushover, but even when she is telling you that you are wrong about something, you feel like she has just complimented you, and that is pure grace. Welcome Ruth. Ruth can me reached at

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